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紀實攝影系列: 街頭及紀實攝影創作工作坊

Terence Pang Photography Presents:
紀實攝影系列: 街頭及紀實攝影創作工作坊

Dear all, I am happy to announce our new workshop series regarding Street photography & photojournalism. There will be early bird discount of 10% before 24 July 2014. Don’t miss the chance and let’s have fun together!! For details, please kindly see the following:

紀實攝影系列: 街頭及紀實攝影創作工作坊
長度 ︰ 6 堂 18 小時
日期 ︰2014 年 8 月 27 日至 9 月 17 日
語言 : 中文 (廣東話) / Cantonese
地點 ︰Studio/Classroom (TBD)
費用 ︰HK$3,000
名額 ︰15-20


Terence Pang 是本港商業、人像、紀實及婚禮攝影師, 擁有多年街拍、商業攝影、婚禮攝影及紀錄片拍攝經驗,為WPHK, AG|WPJA & WPPI會員,曾在美國紐約電影學院(New York Film Academy) 進修讀攝影課程,機緣下成為葉青霖(今 釋常霖)的攝影徒弟,現擔任葉青霖教學團隊導師(Alain Yip Photography Tutors, AYPT)。Terence 於近年獲得一些攝影獎項,包括2010年下半年WPPI 8×10 “Non-Wedding Photojournalism” 攝影比賽獲得亞軍及2012年法國PX3國際攝影比賽銀獎。2011年首次以製作人身份,監製了全港第一部以攝影為主題的獨立電影紀錄片《那些在台北發生的事》。2013年首次成為紀錄片導演,拍攝獨立紀錄短片《靠近海》,收錄於《長洲誌》並於香港華語紀錄片節2013成為開幕電影中播放。

User report: Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible

I was using Gary Fong Lightsphere Flash Diffuser for more than 5 years, starting from Gary Fong Lightsphere II, and Lightsphere Universal. The reason for using these diffuser for long time is because the light quality after using this is really great in terms of the shadow softness and even light distribution. However, there is a drawback for that, Lightsphere II is quite easy to be removed from the flash while movement & cannot fit into different flash model due to rigid size of the connector. For Lightsphere Universal, it is much better to adapter to my SB800 & SB900 with the same light sphere. However, the size is enlarged and not easy to be stored into my gear box.


Lately we received a testing unit called Lightsphere Collapsible. The quality of the light is not much different from previous version I would say. However, it is much easier to store and packed in smaller size to save my space in my bag. In addition, it can fit to both models of my flashes. In addition, there is one more way to place the top cover in both sides. So it can be convex or concave position when it is covered to fit different needs. The most important feature is that it is tightly attached to my flash. So it is not easy to drop off while working on the spots especially when I have my camera upside down attaching to belt.

I have two samples for testing the Lightsphere. The first one is birthday cake at a wedding ceremony for a couples of silver wedding anniversary. I tried to use Lightsphere Collapsible to do the shoot with my SB900 flash on my Nikon D3S camera hot-shoe. We cannot do the shoot with bounce because the room’s wall and ceiling are all in red colour. We can see the overall light quality of the cake is quite good and the highlight is easily to reveal and the colour is normal.

The last sample is photo for a corporate profile picture of which the requirement is to have a portrait of professional in lively, pleasure & nature atmosphere with nature light & supplementary lighting. As there are plenty of glass windows over the room, so it is not feasible to use studio lightbox or other modifier due to serious reflection. I was using two two flashes with two Lightsphere as main light & supplementary light, it really provides a very good light sources for this situation by solving the technical difficulty.

A Limited Special offer for Overseas Pre-wedding Photography at New York / Greece

Special Promotion for my latest schedule for overseas pre-wedding photography at New York & Greece. Special offer valid while it lasts.

New York 5 -12 May (2 couples left)
Greece 28-31 Oct (2 couples left)

Please send email to
or whatsapp to +852 91730368 for more details.

Sneak peek for Louise + Kelvin wedding day

I am pleasure to be the wedding day photographer for Louise & Kelvin last sunday. Louise was one of my student in my previous photography workshop. We all surprised that there are so many pre-wedding photos, photo story & video which is full memory of their journey of LOVE! Although we started shooting for their wedding from 7:00am, we can feel that both of them are full energetic for the whole day. You will noticed that too when you see the smiles from their faces are all consistence and cheerful during the day till the night.

Here comes the Sneak Peek of the photos and I love the close interaction between them, their relatives and their friends.

I love reflection, especially when the bride is behind.

It is always no easy task to get the bride home from the her parents & the bridal party.


This kiss is one of the most vigorous kiss I have ever seen  in wedding day.

Gold is shining.

You will never know how many photographers are around when we shoot this jumping shot for them.

Is this colourful?

An album is a perfect gift to the sweet parents which is fond of memory!

Cheers! for the day!

My new working partner – Luxury Leather Multi Camera Strap


In my daily shooting operation, I do need two cameras simultaneously in place for my events / wedding day / photojournalist job. Therefore, it is very often to see me to have two camera straps on my two shoulders most of the time. The reason is simple: to minimise the time  for changing lens & chance of missing the important moments with suitable cameras. They eventually and inevitably will become tangled up while I was running all around.

I had an experience in a shooting for a cooperate activities. It is a grand opening reception of a new datacenter launching for customer. I was shooting at the stage from the back of the audience with a tele-zoom lens with 70-200mm of which the strap was on my left shoulder. After finished the close up shot for the performance, I then try grab my camera on the right side with the strap on my right shoulder which is with 14-24mm super wide zoom lens. At the same time, I dropped my tele-zoomed camera from my hands and hold my wide-zoomed camera from right side. Although there is a strap  for the tele-zoomed camera,  the camera started to slip off my shoulder due to the speed I dropped that is too fast.

The camera with 70-200mm lens suddenly slips off from my left shoulder and dropped to the ground of the ball room immediately.There was a loud sound for the lens hood and then the camera body to hit on the floor. Most people looks towards here. I found that the lens hood is broken.After sending to repair and eventually it took me more than USD300-400 to fix the camera body, lens and the hood.

I finally decide to search for a solution for that as I think it is not reliable to use two straps to shoot in the location. A friend then introduced me a Multi-Canera Strap – Money maker which suit almost all my need. I tried it in the store and got it finally for all my jobs afterwards. The Strap is safe and stylish. I finally choose to use Luxury Leather – Money maker. (

Below is a brief summary after I have used it in a few events & wedding day environment last month with my Nikon 3Ds & D800:

Overall impression:

The combined effect of the strap and Camera HoldFasts is simply the best way of securing your camera on your body.

The best thing for the Strap is that the balance with two cameras are really good. The straps can distributed the weight on both shoulder even and comfortable. It is made in leather which make me feel good as it is stylish. However, as it is leather, it really got some weight on its own alone. I like the way the cameras slide along the belts which enable me to change the cameras with speedy manner. The only thing I wanna complain is I think it might be good to have 1-2 more holdfast in the packages for multiple cameras to change even faster.

Money Maker Multi-Camera Harness is certainly not cheap but it is definitely very well built. It does exactly what it is supposed to do with stylish.

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